Fund Creation & Management

Division Street Capital, LLC ("DSC") will establish one or more private equity fund(s) or single-purpose LLC(s) upon determination of a suitable investment strategy with appropriate risk-adjusted returns.

1. Acquisition & Financing Services: DSC performs services such as developing strategy and tactics, obtaining and reviewing lists of available properties in different stages of pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and non-distressed, selecting ones that meet investor goals and have certain desirable attributes, analyzing properties, viewing properties, managing 3rd party reviews of selected property(ies), executing offer(s) under the aforementioned strategy, obtaining financing approvals, clearing all hurdles to closing, representing owners' interests in negotiating services including broker, insurance, attorney, inspector(s), and attending closing.

2. Project Management Services: DSC performs pre-closing activities such as developing a standard of quality to align with owner's strategy for finished product, inspecting projects and working with 3rd party inspector to determine project scope, submitting scope and design documents to contractors to solicit bids, managing bidding process to obtain optimal price/quality ratio, executing contract, and scheduling and coordinating start of construction after closing. Post-closing activities include meeting with contractors, verifying quality of work, agreeing with contractors on amount completed and amount owed, managing project retention (if required) until project close-out, and confirming receipt of all project warranties and manuals. Note this service is also performed for capital costs and major repairs (other than routine maintenance) as required.

3. Property Management Services: DSC performs rental market research, advertising, leasing, tenant customer service, lease compliance, maintaining records, compliance with all state & local laws, contracting with and overseeing vendors and service providers such as maintenance & repair contractor, accountant, attorney, banker, collecting all project revenue and depositing in property account, paying all project expenses, performing routine and preventative maintenance according to owners' wishes, monitoring operation, cleanliness and security of the property, preparing an annual operating budget and producing periodic reports for owners.

4. Disposition Services: DSC performs developing strategy for marketing and sales price, following owners' strategy and tactics, representing owners' interests in negotiating services including broker & attorney, reviewing offer(s), clearing all hurdles to closing, attending closing and distributing proceeds according to agreement.